planning quality


  • is represented in the Chinese market with international partners and employees | specializing in international project management

  • has political and administrative know-how at European level as well as
    on the Asian side

  • offers tailor-made project processing

  • takes over all tasks of the architect from the project idea, planning and construction coordination up to efficiency testing and visualization as well as project control

  • always plans in transparent coordination with the client

  • The project is usually carried out on the basis of service phases of the HOAI - the fee structure for architects and engineers.

architecture consulting


  • offers client consulting and project management in all economic and legal aspects of project execution | Expert contribution to architectural competitions | Concept and strategy consulting

  • creates feasibility studies | Location and cost analyzes | Profitability calculations, budget and budget planning | Energy efficiency test | Plausibility checks | Conservation appraisals and conceptions

  • advises on location and investment decisions | procurement management

energy consulting

project management


  • assists in the clarification of project requirements | scheduling of personnel and companies involved | Setting up a project and business plan | Coordination and control of project participants | Update of the
    planning goals

  • takes over all tasks of the administrative project execution and optimization of the planning goal | Creation and coordination of the program for the overall project | Ensuring the exchange of information between client, architect and construction companies for a smooth project flow | Coordination and control of the processing of financing, promotion and approval procedures

  • clarifies the requirements for the use of planners and other experts involved in planning



  • masters the almost unlimited possibilities of 3D visualization and model-based building planning (BIM)

  • is convinced that the content and emotions of an idea are translated by the visualization into a tangible language that is understood around the world


  • understands a holistic energy concept as a quality feature modern planning

  • In addition to factors of energy efficiency, the use of sustainable building materials is taken into account in planning


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