Two cultures - one goal

Quantity meets quality - two cultures complement each other

EAA is a team of architects and city planners with 25 years of professional experience. EAA has been operating internationally since 2013 under the direction of Ludwig Vanderpoorten and Qiu Zhi from its locations in Munich, Regensburg and Beijing.


EAA is at home in both the European and Asian markets, and with its network offers a new platform for trans-national cooperation and project management between Germany and China.

Bavarian-Chinese cultural exchange

The aim is to promote intercultural exchange in architecture and to build a bridge between the different building cultures.


EAA is a competent partner in the field of modern urban development and has many years of experience in industrial and office construction, education and cultural construction as well as in housing construction. It is important to EAA to provide its builders with deadline and cost security at every stage of project implementation.

Making decisions together

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