Administration buildings

Tongzhou Real Estate

Building: Tongzhou Real Estate

Location: Tongzhou, Beijing, China

Design: Vanderpoorten - Strategy Architectural Design Studio, Beijing

Show rooms: 1.331 m2

Office space: 4.365 m2

Canteen: 1.137 m2

Planning time ca. 2010 - 2012

Realized on the basis of the draft

Da Cheng International

Builder: Beijing Jinyu Dacheng Real Estate

Location: Beijing, China

Project team:  Strategy Architectural
Design Co. Ltd.

Land area: 43.400 m2

BGF: 230.400 m2

GFZ: 3.365

Planning and construction time: 2003 - 2006


Beijing Zunfu

Builder: Jindu Real Estate

Location: Beijing, China

Design: Qiu Zhi - Strategy Architectural Design Studio, Beijing

Land area: 22.000 m2

BGF: 128.000 m2

GFZ: 3.95

Period: 2007 - 2009

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